Destination: Bali.

Thanks to everyone who took five minutes out of their day to read my first post. It received such a great response, so I’m thinking I’ll keep this writing thing up – even it’s just my family reading it to see how I’m getting along on my travels.

I did actually want to post this a little sooner, but yesterday I had my first breakdown (and I don’t mean the mental kind…. I’ve had plenty of those) . My little car decided to give up on me, and let’s just say: I can recall a random guy running out from nowhere, stopping traffic, just to help little me stuck in the middle lane (shoutout to all the nice people still out there, and a swift middle finger to the folk stuck behind me beeping and giving me death stares… MY HAZARDS DIDN’T WORK!!!)

But on the brighter side of life, I just got back from, what I can only call, the most beautiful and serene place I’ve possibly ever been: Nusa Dua, Bali. I’ve never been to Asia (unless you count my stopover in HK), but if that’s anything to go by, I’ll be hopping back on the plane back there very soon, I’m sure. I am beyond grateful for my incredibly generous host family taking me there and ensuring I had the absolute best time.

If I had to pick, my highlight of the holiday would have to be the buffet brunch at the Sofitel (the Beef Wellington was to die for) and my first time snorkelling. I’m not usually one to do anything really adventurous in the sea, as I get motion sickness – but fully equipped with ginger tablets – it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on, and I’m so glad I didn’t.

Although I had such a great time, I did have a few ‘off’ moments. Mosquitoes pretty much ate me alive, and I had some pretty nasty reactions to them. Also, whilst in Bali my brother celebrated his 15th birthday… it’s so tough being away from all of my family, but particularly my brother. I’ve never missed a birthday of his and I got a bit emotional for a short moment. I had to stop and realise I am in the MOST beautiful place with the most uplifting people, making the most wonderful memories… get your act together Mariah!!!

This will be a holiday I will never forget – for all the right reasons. It was truly incredible, and the company was even better. Again, thanks Louise and Dan for the opportunity.

Mariah x



3 thoughts on “Destination: Bali.

  1. Love you,so happy you are having a great time.we tried to FaceTime you on Mallys birthday meal,but then we realised it was 2am where you are lol(and you didn’t answer).Keep enjoying life,all those memories you have to keep.Tell your host family,a big thankyou from me for looking after my beautiful granddaughter.Love you to the moon and back xxx

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  2. Hope you receive this Mariah👍👍❤
    Love your comments, love reading them! Keep on thoroughly enjoying yourself!!
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!
    Loads of love ❤❤❤❤❤

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