Woah, we’re halfway there…

Woooooow, I’m absolutely baffled at how quickly the past three months have gone. It’s pretty crap knowing that living this lifestyle is temporary… well, absolutely crap to be honest – as I’m one day closer to entering full-time education again, starting my PGCE, and getting into even more debt *sigh*, but I guess I’m also one day closer to seeing my family and friends, who I miss a lot. Maybe one day this lifestyle will be permanent, but who knows what the future will hold?

Since my last post I’ve made some pretty amazing memories, played a few games of cards against humanity, found wally countless times, said sad farewells to a couple of aupair friends, seen some spectacular sights, drank a lot of wine, and driven on the motorway for the first time ever (the wine consumption was not prior to driving, of course). Actually, tomorrow I’ll be driving Hannah, Emma and I to Byron Bay (69 miles) to see 2/6 fellow 69ners uni besties, Sarah and Saskia. Coincidence, possibly.

Also in the past month, my AMAZING host family have agreed to let Steven stay for the last two weeks of my time in Australia, which I am unbelievably excited for. I’ll get to show him where I’ve been living for the past six months, and it’ll just be the most perfect end to my stay (I actually just wanted someone to travel home with, he’ll do).

Earlier this month Cyclone Debbie hit the East Coast and boy was she was nasty – luckily we didn’t feel the full effect of it – but it was a month’s worth of rain in a day, which is never nice, especially in the school holidays. The past two weeks of school holiday’s though has kept me busy, spending some quality time with the girls, who I’ll miss SO much, but we don’t speak of it. One highlight of the holidays was definitely Australia Zoo, it was sensational. Unlike others I’ve been to, it was so spacious and you could really see how much they care for the animals.

Until next time,

Mariah-Joy xox



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