Locations: Sydney & Brisbane

It’s probably not entered your mind that I haven’t written a blog post in a while, and to the few who perhaps did wonder… yes, I’m still alive and (partially) well in Australia. Today actually marks my fifth month of being here, and I’ve witnessed the summer sun turn to more of….well, an English summer, which I’ll be returning to in just over three weeks ūüė¶

Last month I decided it was finally time to get my peach over to Sydney.¬†You can’t go to Australia, and not have a photo with the Opera House, right?¬†So with only 8 weeks left (now 3), I booked myself a flight there (yep, on my todd) for a long weekend.¬†I ended up catching flu, but the sights were definitely worth it.¬†Whilst in Sydney, I managed to see¬†an old friend from uni, and it had been exactly a year since we handed in our dissertations, so the only way to celebrate was with free beers, and cock-sucking cowgirls (shots). Sydney was a city of “firsts”. I did my first ever bus tour, stayed in my first ever hostel etc. The¬†bus tour (which I 100% recommend btw) took me around the city and Bondi, stopping off at all the attractions. I’ve always seen pictures of the bondi icebergs and the harbour bridge etc. and I finally got to experience it myself. WHAT A TRIP.


Last week I went to Brisbane, hangovers aside, it was incredible. My last weekend with just Hannah and Emma and it couldn’t have gone better. I totally had to hype myself up for the drive, but many a deep breaths later, we got there and back in one piece.


I’ve missed out so much in between, but you can see how much of a blast I’m having if you have me on social media. You’re probably not missing out on much anyway, if not, the general gist of goes: look after kids, drink a glass of wine, go to bed, repeat.

In all honesty though I can’t believe how fast my time here is going. Steve will be here next weekend and MY GOD I’m unbelievably excited for that moment to arrive.

But until then… xox


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