Locations: Sydney & Brisbane

It’s probably not entered your mind that I haven’t written a blog post in a while, and to the few who perhaps did wonder… yes, I’m still alive and (partially) well in Australia. Today actually marks my fifth month of being here, and I’ve witnessed the summer sun turn to more of….well, an English summer, which I’ll be returning to in just over three weeks 😦

Last month I decided it was finally time to get my peach over to Sydney. You can’t go to Australia, and not have a photo with the Opera House, right? So with only 8 weeks left (now 3), I booked myself a flight there (yep, on my todd) for a long weekend. I ended up catching flu, but the sights were definitely worth it. Whilst in Sydney, I managed to see an old friend from uni, and it had been exactly a year since we handed in our dissertations, so the only way to celebrate was with free beers, and cock-sucking cowgirls (shots). Sydney was a city of “firsts”. I did my first ever bus tour, stayed in my first ever hostel etc. The bus tour (which I 100% recommend btw) took me around the city and Bondi, stopping off at all the attractions. I’ve always seen pictures of the bondi icebergs and the harbour bridge etc. and I finally got to experience it myself. WHAT A TRIP.


Last week I went to Brisbane, hangovers aside, it was incredible. My last weekend with just Hannah and Emma and it couldn’t have gone better. I totally had to hype myself up for the drive, but many a deep breaths later, we got there and back in one piece.


I’ve missed out so much in between, but you can see how much of a blast I’m having if you have me on social media. You’re probably not missing out on much anyway, if not, the general gist of goes: look after kids, drink a glass of wine, go to bed, repeat.

In all honesty though I can’t believe how fast my time here is going. Steve will be here next weekend and MY GOD I’m unbelievably excited for that moment to arrive.

But until then… xox


Nizoral: Review

Disclaimer: No medical background/may not be suitable for your skin type. Consult a doctor/pharmacist if unsure.

Note: This post will be a little be a different from the others.


Since being in Australia my skin has just been producing oil like no other. I’ve never had perfect skin, but my imperfections became a lot more visible, and despite the constant reassurance that it looked ‘okay’, I decided to do something about it. I drink heaps of water daily, and I’ve tried so many different face masks/scrubs over the years, but I did some research (mainly consisting of youtube), and a lot of the videos shared something in common. Many of the videos I watched mentioned that these ‘tiny forehead bumps’ can appear due to an over-production of yeast, and recommend a particular anti-fungal shampoo: Nizoral (which can be bought over the counter).

The recommended use was 10 days, twice a day. But after four days, but face had become completely dry and flaky (even with moisturising). However, these tiny bumps had noticeably reduced, and I now have the product to use whenever I see them again.

Note: In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t recommend the harsher 2% Nizoral for those with sensitive skin.


Woah, we’re halfway there…

Woooooow, I’m absolutely baffled at how quickly the past three months have gone. It’s pretty crap knowing that living this lifestyle is temporary… well, absolutely crap to be honest – as I’m one day closer to entering full-time education again, starting my PGCE, and getting into even more debt *sigh*, but I guess I’m also one day closer to seeing my family and friends, who I miss a lot. Maybe one day this lifestyle will be permanent, but who knows what the future will hold?

Since my last post I’ve made some pretty amazing memories, played a few games of cards against humanity, found wally countless times, said sad farewells to a couple of aupair friends, seen some spectacular sights, drank a lot of wine, and driven on the motorway for the first time ever (the wine consumption was not prior to driving, of course). Actually, tomorrow I’ll be driving Hannah, Emma and I to Byron Bay (69 miles) to see 2/6 fellow 69ners uni besties, Sarah and Saskia. Coincidence, possibly.

Also in the past month, my AMAZING host family have agreed to let Steven stay for the last two weeks of my time in Australia, which I am unbelievably excited for. I’ll get to show him where I’ve been living for the past six months, and it’ll just be the most perfect end to my stay (I actually just wanted someone to travel home with, he’ll do).

Earlier this month Cyclone Debbie hit the East Coast and boy was she was nasty – luckily we didn’t feel the full effect of it – but it was a month’s worth of rain in a day, which is never nice, especially in the school holidays. The past two weeks of school holiday’s though has kept me busy, spending some quality time with the girls, who I’ll miss SO much, but we don’t speak of it. One highlight of the holidays was definitely Australia Zoo, it was sensational. Unlike others I’ve been to, it was so spacious and you could really see how much they care for the animals.

Until next time,

Mariah-Joy xox


Destination: Bali.

Thanks to everyone who took five minutes out of their day to read my first post. It received such a great response, so I’m thinking I’ll keep this writing thing up – even it’s just my family reading it to see how I’m getting along on my travels.

I did actually want to post this a little sooner, but yesterday I had my first breakdown (and I don’t mean the mental kind…. I’ve had plenty of those) . My little car decided to give up on me, and let’s just say: I can recall a random guy running out from nowhere, stopping traffic, just to help little me stuck in the middle lane (shoutout to all the nice people still out there, and a swift middle finger to the folk stuck behind me beeping and giving me death stares… MY HAZARDS DIDN’T WORK!!!)

But on the brighter side of life, I just got back from, what I can only call, the most beautiful and serene place I’ve possibly ever been: Nusa Dua, Bali. I’ve never been to Asia (unless you count my stopover in HK), but if that’s anything to go by, I’ll be hopping back on the plane back there very soon, I’m sure. I am beyond grateful for my incredibly generous host family taking me there and ensuring I had the absolute best time.

If I had to pick, my highlight of the holiday would have to be the buffet brunch at the Sofitel (the Beef Wellington was to die for) and my first time snorkelling. I’m not usually one to do anything really adventurous in the sea, as I get motion sickness – but fully equipped with ginger tablets – it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on, and I’m so glad I didn’t.

Although I had such a great time, I did have a few ‘off’ moments. Mosquitoes pretty much ate me alive, and I had some pretty nasty reactions to them. Also, whilst in Bali my brother celebrated his 15th birthday… it’s so tough being away from all of my family, but particularly my brother. I’ve never missed a birthday of his and I got a bit emotional for a short moment. I had to stop and realise I am in the MOST beautiful place with the most uplifting people, making the most wonderful memories… get your act together Mariah!!!

This will be a holiday I will never forget – for all the right reasons. It was truly incredible, and the company was even better. Again, thanks Louise and Dan for the opportunity.

Mariah x


Relocation: Australia.

Welcome to my first blog post. My Name is Mariah Joy Cyrus, and I’m 22 from Reading, England.

As many of you already know, it has been just over a month since I left the rainy UK behind. Time’s flown by so quickly, right? All my life I’ve wanted to visit Australia, and who would have thought it? I’m actually living right here, on the Gold Coast, for the next 6 months and I honestly couldn’t be happier at this point in my life.

So, how did I get here? Well, of course, by plane… but shortly after graduating from the University of Sussex last summer, I decided that I definitely deserved a break from education. Having said that, I still wanted to further my experience with children before starting my PGCE. In addition, I wanted to travel, and it would have been difficult to get a temporary TA job, like my mum had suggested for me to do. So, I decided to look into Au Pairing – which would inevitably combine the aspects of travelling and working with children. I mean, a couple of friends had spoken about it before in passing, but it never really appealed to me (where my relationship was holding me back).

Once I had started researching, au-pairing became more and more of interest, and I would never stop talking about it to family and friends. My parents were always so supportive in whatever my decision was, but they realised it had become a bit more serious when I started to Skype with families from the other side of the world, and get doctor’s notes, and all that sorta stuff. I skyped a few families, but something just wasn’t clicking, so I thought maybe this isn’t for me. A couple of days later I came across a family that had 60-70 applicants, and a family I looked and thought ‘wow, I can see why everyone has applied for them’. It was a long-shot, but hey ho I applied.

I was getting heaps of replies, and interviews, but honestly… I was waiting to hear back from this family. I woke up one morning and the mum had sent across their schedule. I knew then, how organised they were, and that I’d fit right in. So, during the interview I got to speak to the two young girls, and their mum too, just to get a feeling of who I’d be living with, and caring for. There was an instant click, but there was also another family I got on with. So, I spent days trying to decide who to choose, and asking friends/family for their opinions. Whilst making this decision, I was sent a video from the two young girls saying how much they want me to be in their family, and how they loved my smile (braces are miracles, believe me). I spoke to their previous au-pairs, and they too, had nothing but good words to say about them.

So I went for it, and that’s how little ol’ me got the job over 60+ applicants. I did it. I was extremely happy and so proud to tell everyone. Fast forwarding 4 months or so, the day came where I had to make the move and say goodbye to all my best friends, family and Steven (yes, I know, I met a guy in these four months and trust me it was really bad timing, but I’m a huge believer of “everything happens for a reason”). Naturally, I felt sick, anxious, nervous, excited – you name it. Travelling to the other side of the world by myself, I felt lonely.

A month later, I am feeling absolutely blessed to be living with the most caring, awesome family you could ask for. They’ve become life-long friends, and I’m so glad I wasn’t put off by seeing the number of applicants. They are the most hard-working family I’ve possibly ever met. Louise and Dan, the mum and dad (and my great friends now), have really welcomed me, not only into their home, but their country and their lifestyle. They’re even taking me to Bali next week!!! The two young girls, Taylor and Havanna, are absolute angels (of course, when they want to be), well-disciplined and I could go on and on and say so many great things about them all, but depending on whether people actually read this stuff, that’s for another post – as are the details on places I’ve been to, friends I’ve made along the way, and how I’m missing certain people back home!

I’m trying not to make this post too long though, so having said that…

Until next time.

Mariah x