Nizoral: Review

Disclaimer: No medical background/may not be suitable for your skin type. Consult a doctor/pharmacist if unsure.

Note: This post will be a little be a different from the others.


Since being in Australia my skin has just been producing oil like no other. I’ve never had perfect skin, but my imperfections became a lot more visible, and despite the constant reassurance that it looked ‘okay’, I decided to do something about it. I drink heaps of water daily, and I’ve tried so many different face masks/scrubs over the years, but I did some research (mainly consisting of youtube), and a lot of the videos shared something in common. Many of the videos I watched mentioned that these ‘tiny forehead bumps’ can appear due to an over-production of yeast, and recommend a particular anti-fungal shampoo: Nizoral (which can be bought over the counter).

The recommended use was 10 days, twice a day. But after four days, but face had become completely dry and flaky (even with moisturising). However, these tiny bumps had noticeably reduced, and I now have the product to use whenever I see them again.

Note: In my personal opinion, I wouldn’t recommend the harsher 2% Nizoral for those with sensitive skin.